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Orthodontics for Kids

A referral is not necessary.
Don’t stress if you haven’t been referred by one of our friends, existing patients, or our dental colleagues. We are happy to see you for a chat about rewarding yourself with the smile you deserve.

Kids’ braces? Early orthodontic treatment? It can all be a little confusing, right? We understand.

As parents, we all want the best for our children. You can be sure you will see the same level of care and concern we would provide to our own children. Dr. Kamal Ahmed and South Coast Smiles will do our part to make sure your children grow up and meet life’s challenges with a big smile. You know you are in safe hands because the first question Dr. Kamal Ahmed asks when he is assessing your son or daughter’s teeth is: “What would I do if this was my child?”

Whether the issue is narrow jaws, impacted teeth, lack of space, buck teeth, or thumb-sucking, being a specialist orthodontist means Dr. Kamal Ahmed is trained in expertly providing comprehensive orthodontic treatments to suit YOUR CHILD. At South Coast Smiles, you can be sure of getting the best treatment for your child, as well as seeing the benefit that early treatment can have in reducing future complicated orthodontics.

Dr. Kamal Ahmed has trained under world-leading orthodontists at Sydney University, as well as having achieved prestigious fellowships’ and memberships by examination from the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (RACDS) and the Edinburgh College of Surgeons (RCSEd), as well as attending numerous other courses and international congresses.

You can relax knowing Dr. Kamal Ahmed is the right expert to look after your son or daughter’s smile with up-to-date knowledge and care.

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What age should we start thinking about orthodontics?
While many parents know they need to take their child to the dentist, not everyone is aware that early orthodontic treatment is vital too. Following the guidelines of the Australian Society of Orthodontists (ASO) and the Australian Dental Association (ADA), we recommend you bring your child in for their first appointment around 8 years of age.
Why is this important?

While most kids won’t need any treatment at this early stage, some do. There are a number of conditions that can lead to avoidable severe orthodontic problems in later years if they aren’t addressed early. These include impacting adult teeth that fail to erupt. These teeth often need to be surgically exposed or removed in their teen years. This involves a lot more time and discomfort that can all be avoided if managed at an early age. Early treatment avoids such problems, by helping your child’s teeth develop into the right position.

Some children have narrow or underdeveloped jaws, affecting the space for their teeth, leading to crowding and reducing the airway space. Treating this can allow room for their developing adult teeth and make more space to help with their breathing and airways.

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Early orthodontic treatment and kids’ braces are a great way to avoid or minimise any future teeth and bite problems.
Common problems that we treat include:
If identified early, jaws can be prevented from growing out of alignment
Narrow Jaws
Without enough space, adult teeth may come through crooked or crowded
Poor Jaw Alignment
If jaws are too far back or forward, they can be corrected while a child is still growing
Lack of Space
Early treatment can keep space for baby teeth that may have been pulled out early to stop crowding
Regain Space
When teeth have been lost early, we can ensure there is room for adult teeth and to prevent crowding or the teeth being impacted in the bone
Protruded or ‘Buck’ Teeth
We can reduce or eliminate the risk of injury, and potentially prevent bullying and teasing from other children
Impacted Canines
We can ensure your child’s canine teeth have space and are coming down, without impacting in the jaw, which could require future surgery to correct
Behavioural Habits
Thumb-sucking and dummy problems that are causing orthodontic issues can be addressed with early interventions, which may include kids’ braces
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Check out these success stories
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Your child’s orthodontics journey, step by step
Here at South Coast Smiles, it all starts with a complimentary consultation with Dr Kamal Ahmed.

Apart from being loads of fun – and the ‘biggest kid’ in the practice – Dr. Kamal Ahmed is a highly qualified specialist with a particular interest in orthodontics for children who can quickly and effectively treat small issues before they become big problems. Most kids won’t need early treatment but even so, we are happy to monitor and check their growth, giving you peace of mind.

It takes more than good luck to create smiles that are straight and work perfectly with your overall facial features, including your bite, profile, and lip lines. At South Coast Smiles, we have a track record of producing the very best orthodontic results for our patients. Not just for now, for life.

Get in contact!
The first step is as simple as clicking on the link below or picking up the phone
Take advantage of a complimentary consult
In this free initial consultation we’ll listen to about your concerns and discuss options to help you achieve your ideal smile
A personalised treatment plan

Dr. Kamal will assess your child’s dental issues to determine the ideal treatment.

Start correcting your smile

Treatment begins with plates, braces, expanders, or other orthodontic appliances, depending on your child’s needs.

Monitoring during treatment to ensure everything stays on track
Treatment is finished.
It’s time to get your appliance off and for your child to show off their new smile!
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As there is a range of orthodontic problems we treat in children, our services can vary so widely from simply reviewing your child’s development, to growth modification, or retrieving buried teeth, and various orthodontic treatments, we really need to assess the child in person to give a quote. But rest assured, our pricing is transparent and fair, and financing options are available.

Come in and take advantage of your complimentary consult where, as part of our assessment and exam, we will cover the costs of any treatment we recommend.

Book a consult with Dr. Kamal Ahmed
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Love good news? We do too!

The good news is we make it simple and easy for you to access the very best early orthodontic treatment and kids’ braces in Wollongong (that’s right, no driving to Sydney!). The first step is simply booking a time to come and see us. Dr. Kamal Ahmed and his team will make the experience fun, even if your child is a little anxious, nervous or quiet.

Book an appointment with us!
* Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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