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Dental Implants

A referral is not necessary.
Don’t stress if you haven’t been referred by one of our friends, existing patients, or our dental colleagues. We are happy to see you for a chat about rewarding yourself with the smile you deserve.
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Dental implants - a fixed, natural tooth replacement solution

The thought of losing teeth can be daunting for many. Loss of a front tooth/teeth can lead to loss of confidence and security, and loss of back teeth can lead to trouble chewing and accelerated tooth wear. Dental implant treatments allow tooth replacements that look and feel natural and function like your own teeth.

Dental implants are a way of replacing teeth by placing a titanium root replacement below the gum, followed by a custom hand-made ceramic crown on top of the implant. As they do not rely on attaching to other teeth, this avoids irreversible damage to other surrounding teeth.

Dr. Arun Thangavel is a specialist prosthodontist – A specialist with advanced training in dental implant treatments including single teeth, multiple teeth, and full mouth treatments such as all on 4. At our state-of-the-art facility at Southcoast smiles, we have made the process of having high-quality specialist implant treatment accessible to our local community.

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Wwdct Complimentary
Complimentary pre-consultation with treatment co-ordinator (1 hour)
Cost: FREE
An information session with one of our treatment co-ordinators gives you the opportunity to meet our team, discuss the treatment and determine your suitability. This can be done by phone or in our clinic, as you prefer.
Wwdct Personal
Personal consultation with Dr Arun Thangavel (1 hour)
Cost: $250 (*health fund rebates will apply if you have health insurance)
This is a comprehensive assessment of your teeth, jaws and smile, including photographs, and xrays. You will leave this appointment with a thorough understanding of all your personalised treatment options, including costs and timeline.
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Dental implants step-by-step:
Discuss, Diagnose and Plan

Before recommending any type of dental implant treatment, Dr. Thangavel will spend time with you, completing a full examination of your jaw, bone structure, oral health, and your general health. A cone-beam CT image can be taken right there within the surgery to provide accurate 3D images of the jaw to measure the volume of bone. Photographs are also taken to tie together the scientific data from the CT scan with an artistic vision of how the smile should look to create a comprehensive treatment plan. It is always the small details that make the big picture. 

Photographs, video, and 3D CT imaging determine optimal implant placement, including a state-of-the-art 3D-printed surgical guide ensuring the implants are placed with precision

Implant placement

Top-tier Swiss-manufactured titanium implants are secured in the jaw with the aid of computer-guided surgery. IV sedation from a specialist anesthetist is also available to make your treatment as comfortable as possible. Certain situations allow securing of dental implants and placement of an immediate tooth at the same visit – this shortens treatment time, shapes the gum, and avoids the need for a removable temporary tooth. We always ensure you have some type of tooth replacement while the implant is fusing so you can carry on with your day-to-day life.

Dr. Thangavel will monitor your healing and ensure your recovery is smooth. Post-op reviews are typically required at
1 week and 3 months

Permanent teeth

After 3 months of healing, a new custom-made hand-layered ceramic tooth is made to attach to the implant to complete your treatment. This allows time for bone fusion to complete and the final gum contour to take shape. This does not mean you will be without a tooth/teeth during this process. You will have beautiful, natural-looking temporary replacements to ensure the perfect fit when everything is fully healed

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Dental implants
(includes top tier swiss manufactured implants and custom hand made ceramic crown from Australia’s leading dental technicians)

Flexible payment plans available (including no deposit, no interest)

Book a consult with Dr Arun Thangavel
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Dental implants:

The essential facts

Dental implants are a fixed tooth replacement for missing teeth using a titanium root replacement and a ceramic tooth on top. They feel and function just like real teeth and avoid the need for clunky removable dentures.

A dental implant tooth consists of two parts. The implant fixture (below the gum) and the ceramic crown (above the gum). The implant is made of titanium (the same material that is used for hip/knee replacements. It is positioned in the jaw where the roots of the missing tooth once were. Over a period of time, bone grows onto the titanium surface, holding it firmly in place. Once the implant is completely fused, a custom-made ceramic crown is made to match the appearance and bite of the adjacent teeth with the help of a master dental ceramist.   

Although it isn’t a solution for every missing tooth, a dental implant is suitable if you have a healthy jawbone, have good gum health, and aren’t affected by any conditions that could impact bone healing.

Dental implants aren’t just for a single missing tooth. They can be used to replace multiple missing adjacent teeth or a full jaw or missing teeth

Dental implant surgery can be a little overwhelming if you don’t understand what’s involved, so Dr. Thangavel’s  approach aims to put you at ease from the first meeting. Regardless of how complex the treatment, Dr. Thangavel makes educating his patients a priority. That way, you can feel confident about the process and outcome.

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How to choose your dental implant specialist

Dental implant surgery can be complex and challenging. This is why we like to take the “do it once, do it right” approach.

A specialist prosthodontist is a qualified dentist who has completed additional specialist training in reconstructive, aesthetic, and implant dentistry. For patients seeing Dr. Thangavel, it means they have access to a specialist who truly understands what’s required with the replacement of anything in your mouth.

Having Dr. Thangavel based permanently right in Wollongong is a bonus for patients living in the Illawarra. It’s no longer necessary to travel to Sydney for the very best in prosthodontic care. It’s now available right here – and no referral is needed!

Wwdct Book Arun
Book a complimentary consult with Dr Arun Thangavel
* Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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