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Root Canal Treatment

A referral is not necessary.
Don’t stress if you haven’t been referred by one of our friends, existing patients, or our dental colleagues. We are happy to see you for a chat about rewarding yourself with the smile you deserve.
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For patients requiring root canal treatment, root canal re-treatments, apical surgery, and dental trauma management –
Dr. Deepak provides specialised, high-quality care for his patients.

You can learn more about the root canal treatment provided at South Coast Smiles by booking an appointment with our specialist endodontist, Dr. Deepak Chellappa.

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Dr Deepak Chellappa
Wwde Deepak

Dr Deepak is a south-west Sydney local, having been born and raised in Holsworthy. After completing his dental degree at Griffith University (Queensland), Dr Deepak returned to Sydney, practicing in Liverpool/Campbelltown and building strong relationships within the
local dental community.

Dr Deepak Chellappa completed his Doctorate in Clinical Dentistry (Endodontics) at the University of Otago (New Zealand), receiving a Doctorate scholarship and publishing multiple peer-reviewed articles. Recently, he presented his doctoral research at the European Society of Endodontology in Vienna (2019). He continues to be a participating member of ASE Australia and ANZAE.

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What is root canal treatment?

When a tooth is decayed, damaged, and/or infected, root canal treatment may be required to retain the tooth rather than remove it.

The procedure requires specialised equipment to thoroughly clean and disinfect the internal portion of the tooth, referred to as the pulpal tissue, where the nerve and blood vessels are contained. Once thoroughly cleaned, the empty prepared space within the tooth is sealed with a filling material and the tooth restored with a filling or crown.

With advances in technology, techniques, and materials, root canal therapy is a much more comfortable experience. The treated tooth should last a long time, providing good oral hygiene is maintained.

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Frequently asked questions - Root canal therapy

Root canal treatment is required when the pulpal tissue (blood vessels and nerves) inside the tooth degenerates. In time, this may lead to pain, infection, and/or abscess, ultimately causing damage to the jawbone. 

Root canal treatment may be required to save the tooth and heal the infected/damaged tissues surrounding it. Your tooth may become painful and infected due to the presence of deep decay, large fillings, trauma to the tooth, a chipped tooth, or repeated dental work.

Symptoms associated with a tooth requiring root canal treatment include pain and/or swelling on the gums adjacent to the tooth. The tooth may appear discoloured and possibly extra sensitive to heat and cold. Often there may be no pain or symptoms at all. A dentist will examine your clinical symptoms and radiographs, which in turn may lead to the recommendation for root canal treatment.
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Root canal treatment is now one of the most painless dental procedures. Patients who attend in pain that requires treatment will frequently be pain-free following your initial visit. 

The procedure itself requires only local anesthesia, but at South Coast Smiles, we also offer nitrous oxide (happy gas) to ease any stress you may have during the appointment. This is available on request.  

While every care is taken with your root canal therapy, there are risks, all of which can be managed. 

  • After completion of root canal treatment, you may feel some minor discomfort for a few days. To alleviate the discomfort, Dr. Deepak will recommend certain medications.
  • It is recommended to be careful when chewing directly on the treated tooth until the final filling has been placed, otherwise, there is a risk it may crack or fracture. As root canal treatment can take multiple appointments, keep in mind the longer you wait between visits, the more likely it that a re-infection may occur. This can result in the therapy needing to be repeated. Dr. Deepak will instruct you of the ideal treatment times to avoid reinfection. 
  • Root canal therapy, like every other treatment, is not free from unknowns and complications. Everyone has slightly different dental anatomy requiring specialised care for each case. Dr. Deepak will discuss all the risks prior to commencing any treatment.

In the event that root canal therapy is unsuccessful, Dr. Deepak will discuss alternative options with you, including retreating the tooth, treating the tooth surgically, or extracting the tooth, and discussing an implant option.

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Why choose a specialist endodontist?

Specialists endodontists, such as Dr. Deepak Chellappa, are highly skilled professionals, having completed multiple years of advanced training. Specialist studies afford endodontists the ability to recognise subtle differences in teeth and deliver highly nuanced treatment using specialised equipment and techniques. By way of comparison, a general dentist may complete two to four root canal treatments a week, while a specialist endodontist will complete up to four cases every day.

Emergency and complicated cases can be very difficult to manage, and endodontists are trained in effective pain management, with patient comfort the highest priority. Dr. Deepak is an Australian registered Endodontic Specialist and is AHPRA qualified to complete root canal treatments, retreatments, and apical surgery. With a special interest in managing dental trauma cases and patients with anxiety/dental phobia, Dr. Chellappa treats every patient using advanced technology and techniques. 

Concern about root canal treatment and costs? Come in and speak with Dr. Deepak. Together with our team, he’ll be able to advise you about your treatment options, including our finance options for treatment.

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How much will the treatment cost?
We employ fixed-fees, so you will know exactly how much your treatment will cost prior to commencing. We also offer payment plans. Please ask our staff over the phone or when you attend your appointment for more information. 
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Book a complimentary consult with Dr Deepak Chellappa
* Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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